Living with length

just before easing down onto nine fat inches



just before easing down onto nine fat inches

Mr and Mrs Brown (part two)

Mrs Brown came back into the room first, her husband dragged behind by the hand. her eyes immediately fell back to my cock.

"Look - can you believe how big it is?" A huge smile spread across her face. Her husband had a couple of fleeting glances on my dick before finally staring straight at it. His face reddened and I could feel his shame and embarrassment. His wife, on the other hand, loved the situation. Still holding his hand in her right, she reached out her left and wrapped it around the circumference of my hard on - her fingers not quite meeting. "It so thick too, look how fat it is?" She was loving it and I felt her hand squeeze my shaft as she licked her lips and looked in my eyes.

Her husband said, almost in a whisper, “I’m gonna go again.” I saw her flinch with disappointment at this. I knew what she wanted.

"I don’t think so." I tried to put my most masculine, Bull voice on. It has never come naturally but I have mastered a decent, deep impression of dominance. is face glowed redder as he looked at me. He had not expected my participation in the conversation.

"You can’t go now. You’ve seen my cock so you cna watch everything else that happens now. Sit down and watch me fuck you wife." I always find it so difficult to keep a straight face during role play but I could tell Mrs Brown was really enjoying it.

"You heard him baby dick!" He sat, defeated, and tried to avert his gaze. "I don’t think so Bob. You said this was okay so you had better watch. if you look the other way I will get him to do it all over again." He looked almost on the verge of tears but did as he was told, turning his face to again inspect my cock.

"Now take notes because this big thing is going in my pussy and is going to fuck me better than you ever did." This quiet woman had turned into a mean mistress and it was really turning me on. The only person in the room not enjoying it was Bob!

Mrs Brown leaned over, her ass high in the air, and began to suck on my bell end again. It was really throbbing with the cock ring and I could feel it swell even further in her mouth. I had to push her head back after a few minutes as I could feel the cum building up and wanted to try her pussy out before I spunked. I told her to bend over. She did so, not over the settee as I expected but looking into her husband’s face, her hands on either thigh. “Stick it in me like this baby, then my husband can watch my face as all those inches slide into me.” She turned back to me and winked. The her face turned back to her hubby. “Give it me now hon.”

I ahd expected her pussy to be slightly loose due to her age but found it to be one of the tightest I ahd ever encountered. Wokring a big cock into an inexperienced woman is a real delicate task, you have to find the perfect balance between care and force. After a few minutes I was still not in. I was beginning to get frustrated and, to my shame, i took it out on Bob.

"How big is your fucking cock Bob? Your wife is like a virgin!" He smiled in reply but I was in no mood for niceties. "I asked you a question, how big is your cock?"

"Answer him when he asks you something dear?" Mrs Brown sounded a little angry too.

"Just over six inches. A bit bigger than average." His attempt to claim a bit of size wa pathetic and I let him know so.

"There is nothing big about anything near six inches. No wonder she is so tight."

"I fucking hate you!" Mrs Brown’s voice was so full of venom I truly felt sorry for her cuckold husband. She looked over her shoulder and asked my favourite question. "How big are you baby?"

I told her I was nine and a half inches and I saw her ass wiggle. “Please put it in me hon. I need to know what something like that feels like! I don’t care if it hurts a bit.”

Looking down at my swollen, purple cock I knew I had to do as she said. I wasn’t sure she would finish me off if we didn’t have sex and I was far too far gone to go home with full balls. I smeared a little more of the lube on the end of cock and around her pussy and tried again.

This time I used a little more force and, finally, felt my bell end slip inside her. She was unbelievably tight. She let out a loud moan and I knew she was going to be a screamer. I took my time and slowly put in inch after inch of shaft. Each movement forward felt amazing and she was screaming like a banshee now. My bell end was a really tight fit in her pussy, I could feel it dragging against the walls.

I stopped at what i thought was about 6 inches in and told her to get ready. “You are a virgin from here on in.” I quickly pushed the final three inches deep into her adn felt by balls slap against her dripping pussy.

The noise she made would have sent most exorcists running.

"FUUUUUCK. It’s fucking huge. Bob, this thing is so big. FUUUUCK ME!"

I needed no second invitation and began thrusting in with relish. I knew I wouldn’t be able to last long but I could tell she had already cum at least once. She shrieked and swore through a few minutes of this and then I told her I was going to cum.

"Take it out, quick." She slipped off my length and turned around. I thought she wanted to suck me or have me cum on her tits but she had more malevolent ideas. She stood sideways on and began working her hand manically up and down my cock. She was aiming the fat lenght straight at Bob. "You are so big baby." She kissed me angrily on the lips and looked back down at my cock. "It’s like a donkey’s! Will you do me one last favour with this big thing?" I would was in the most awful position that all men know about, the moment with a cock full of cum at a women’s disposal. I would do anything she wanted and told her so. "Cum all over Bob!"

Some may call it mean but I really enjoyed it. Mrs Brown continuously told me how huge my cock felt and then, finally, I felt it twitch and begin to unload. this only made her wank it faster and harder. I have always had big loads, and Bob copped for an especially large one. She aimed my cock with relish and the thick ropes of cum covered his face and clothes.

Finally, when done, she took a picture of the cum satiated Bob and my big, floppy cock. And that was that. Bob left as soon as he was allowed by his wife. I heard him run upstairs and heard the water in the bathroom running. It would take quite a shower to get him clean. Mrs Brown suddenly reverted to the nice middle aged woman I had met int eh pub. She thanked me and told me, once again, that my dick as massive and then we said our goodbyes.

We have met many times since but Bob has never again been in the house as i shagged his wife. I would love to see that picture she took of him. The joy of a big cock! 

you can feel her tongue roll around your swollen helmet. You look up to see the red thong pointing to her ass. You will be sliding in there soon.

you can feel her tongue roll around your swollen helmet. You look up to see the red thong pointing to her ass. You will be sliding in there soon.


Love do this
"It’s just so much bigger than my husband’s!"


Love do this

"It’s just so much bigger than my husband’s!"

Last night

Laura arrived at my hosue at about 11 last night. She had bene out for a few drinks with her mates beforehand and was a little typsy. I assumed she gone home to fetch the penis pump as it was in a big box in a carrier bag. She laughed and said she had taken ti with her to show her friends. They had been sat in the pub messing with the contraption. She said that the young lad behind the bar had gone bright red when he realised what it was. She hadn’t helped matters by elling him she would give it a go on him if he liked. She said he had just made a  mumbled excuse adn retreated to the other end of the bar.

She was wering a really short, pVC minskirt that was riduclously tight. When she sat down I ot a loely view of the silk, leopard print panties. PVC and silk, two of my favourites, I smiled as I thought how much she would do for me. I think she would arrive wearing a Santa costume if I asked her too. Such is the power of the big cock over the slapper!

Now, Laura is a great girl but not wife material (I am sure many would say the ame about me and being a husband to be fair!). BUt she is an amazing shag and adores big cock. For my part, I had a put a tight fitting jock strap on for her and her eyes sparkled when I took my trousers off to reveal the bulging material. She has often told me, in her forthright way, that ehr favourite thing about bigger dicks is the way they look, how they appear to almost be a different thing altogether from the little pricks she so ofen finds. I am not a great fan of jcok straps as my cock really has to be budnled up in them and is non too comfortabale. however, the bulge they create is huge and protrudes away from my body. She told me to go and stand infornt of her as she sat on the settee. She spread her legs wide and I saw the beautiful, shiny material of her panties stretched over the bulge of her pussy, a wet pathc emerging from the pouting lips.

She rubbed my bulge for a while and then, without warning, dragged the jock strap off and exposed my fully hard dick. She smiled up at me, saying “hi big daddy!” and suckd me to absolute ahrdness for a few minutes. Finally, after softly planting a last kiss on my bell end, she leaned over and brought out the pump. She laughed and said she had practiced on a cucumber that was about the same size as my cock earlier. She promised, mocking, that she wouldn’t hurt me. It was a joke but we both knew she was handling a precious item to both of us so she went about her business with care and attention. She pushed the rubbery cock ring on first, sliding it down to the base and then slid the tube over the top. At first it wouldn’t go on becuase my cock was touching the sides and creating too much friction so she had to pull it out adn give it a genrous coating of the ky jelly we always ahd handy. This time the tube slipped on easy enough.

There was a ruler on the side of the tube to show how big your cock was. Mine reached to the expected 9.5 inch but there was plenty of room left until the tubes end, which was a full 12”. Looking down at the tube I suddenly felt a little inadequate, a feeling I don’t often expereince when it come to my cock. It looked a little like teh videos I have seen of small dicked guys putting on XL condoms and having them slip and slide around becuase of the spare room.

Laura must have read my mind becuae she began to play along with the thought. “I know your not very big right now but we will see if we can get it to an acceptable size.” Being on the other size of size humiliation felt wodnerful and I smile to let her know I enjoyed it. Lying, she continued, “I thought you would fill it but it’s barely halfway up. Some men are just not so lucky I guess.” My cock throbbed with every insult and I lent down to give her a sloppy kiss.

She finished attaching the device, some kind of electronic pump, adn asked if I was ready. I could tell that the game had stopped now and she really foccussed on making my cock bigger. The machine wirred into life and I soon began to feel a strange tuggin sensation on, first, my bell end adn, then, my shaft. The truth is I wasn’t expecting much. I have known lots of my smaller friends who have tried similar devices and been unimpressed by the results. But, clearly, my dick began to swell furhter than before and twitched a little bit, stretching to enarly 9 3/4 inches. Laura’s eyes widened and she whispered, “It is getting bigger!”

Slowly but surely, my cok throbbed and twitched. The sensation wasn’t altogether pleasent and I began to worry about busting a blood vessel. Horrific scenes bagen to fill my mind and I imagined how much I would look back with anger if I damaged the big instrument I had been given. But then it went past 10 inches…

"Oh my god, double fugures big daddy!" Now it had begun my cock didn’t show any signs of stopping. Thedreamer in me began to imagine life witha  14 inch cock. However, it finally settled and moved no further. Laura twisted the tube to get a clear look at the size and announced, "just over 11 inch. Quick, get it out so I can sit on it before it goes down." Rarely have I seen anyone move so fast. The tube was almost instantley off my cock. IT felt great to feel the pressure release, although my dick did seem to shrink back a little. Laura quickly, being the size queen she most definitley is, grabbed the ruler she had brought and held it to my throbbing cock. "It’s still ten and a half inches." Throwing the ruler to the floor she pushed me ont the sofa and hovered her pussy over my dick. Like I said, she was a slapper and took my cock without much screaming normally, but it was definitley a little thicker adn longer and she moaned and whinned as she slowly sank down its length. I paid especial attention to her face when she came to the final inch, the one I knew she had never experienced before. Her look went form pain to shock adn settled on wide eyed appreciation.

We spent the rest of the night fucking and she used the pump after each time to get my dick back up to 10”+. I think I may have to limit her use with it but it does just go to show, all women want it a little bigger!

Inch defence.

Before I tell the story of last night, I would just like to point out that I realise that I may sound, at times, like my cock is the only thing important in my life. Well, away from the blog I have a successful career and find enjoyment and pleasure in many other pursuits. I have a book which is (possibly) in the process of being published, I love to go the the theatre and to socialise. I say this because we well endowed gents can get a bad name. Some women will throw around accusations of aonly ever wanting to talk about our cocks. And this is true of me, on here. But away from the internet I am merely a normal bloke with a bit more downstairs than most. Yes, I love and adore having a big dick but if I woke up tomorrow with only 6 inches, my world would not fall apart. That said, I will be waking up with far more and that DOES make me happy!

And, whilst I am defending all those large peni (plural for penis?) out there, can I just deal with my least favourite saying ever. The whole, “I would rather have a guy with a normal sized cock who knows what he is doing than a guy with a big one who hasn’t a clue.” I totally agree with this statement, of course it makes sense. For years, men with tiddlers in their pants have let out a sigh of relief on hearing this and reassured themselves that they are just as good as their Magnum wearing counterparts. BUT, there is a huge-cocked sized hole in the argument, namely that, whilst it maybe true, the undoubted BEST combination is a big dicked guy who knows how to use it. These little-dicks make the fatal assumption that guys with length are going to be bad in bed. I think that is rarely the case. Most will have had more sex due to their superior size so will be more experienced. I also know from experience that you have to be able to read the woman and respond to her when using something that, at times, can be too big.

I would sum the whole thing up like this. I would rather be poor and happy than rich and sad. But, ultimatley, I would prefer to be rich and happy. Sorry guys!

Pump it up!
Have just had a phone call from a fuck-buddy asking if she can come around tonight. She is excited because she has bought something to use on me, a penis pump. I have never tried one as I'm already bigger than a lot of the tubes but she has said that she found an XL version.
To 10 inch and beyond?

"Please honey. We only have a few minutes before my husband gets back. I can’t wait till next weekend for that big cock again. Just once more. You know your ten inches make me cum so quickly anyway hon!"


"Please honey. We only have a few minutes before my husband gets back. I can’t wait till next weekend for that big cock again. Just once more. You know your ten inches make me cum so quickly anyway hon!"

Mr and Mrs Brown (part one)

I thought I would share one of my favourite swinging stories. I am a member of various websites allowing swingers to contact one another. Some are better than others but I have a particular favourite, offering a really good profile of the other users.

I check my e-mails regularly, both for work and ‘pleasure’ reasons. As I trawled through an overfilled inbox on a Friday after arriving home from work, I saw one message from the swinging website. I opened it and it was from a Mrs. Brown. She lived a little over 20 miles from me and was interested in a cuckold experience with her husband. She said she was in her mid fifties and that I should have a look at her profile on the website and then let he know if i fancied it. Normally, I like younger women but I was intrigued enough to check it out. I was pleasantly surprised. Mrs. Brown turned out to be a lady who had retained the figure of someone a couple of decades younger. She was blessed with gorgeous, tanned skin and a huge pair of breasts. Even better, they were not the large type that drooped and flapped around once free from a bra, they were large yet perky, with nipples aiming straight ahead. The written section of the profile was also interesting. She had been married to a man for nearly thirty years and had only had a couple of other sexual partners via swingers parties. She mentioned how she had always been a little under whelmed as they had always been averagely endowed. She mentioned that her husbands cock was “average, a little over 6 inch” but that she really wanted to try a  much bigger gent. I decided I would meet her.

We arranged to meet in a pub a few miles from her house and I was impressed when I arrived. She was wearing a tight red dress that hugged her gorgeous figure. When she got up and went to the toilet, I watched her ass as she swayed away and I could see the outline of an 80s style g-string under the thin dress material and I could feel my cock begin to swell.

After a couple of drinks she admitted that her husband was waiting for her at home adn that she had told him that nothing would be happening that evening, that the meet up was just to check I wasn’t some kind of weirdo. I smiled and said it was a wise decision but she laughed and said she couldn’t wait for next time. She asked if I would go back with her and that i didn’t mind her husband being in the house whilst we had sex and I said it was fine.

We took my car and arrived back at her house. She unlocked the door and I followed. I heard a shout from a room inside “Hi honey. How was it?” The guy’s voice died a little as he emerged from what I assume was the living room to find his wife with company. I could tell that neither of them didn’t really know how to react so tried to relax them. I held out my hadn and introduced myself. I said it might be nice if we sit and have a drink for a while. This seemed to calm them and I joined Mr. Brown in the living room whilst his wife went to fetch wine.

He was taller than me and a little thick around the waste line. We exchanged small talk for a little while, finding out that we had both worked in a similar industry when younger. His wife returned with the drinks and I couldn’t help but admire her gorgeous tits that the dress clung to. She sat beside me on the settee and put a hand on my thigh. I could tell that her husband struggled with this as his eyes fell to our contact on a regular basis. After all the chit chat we could muster was used up, Mrs. Brown asked her husband to fetch ‘that bag’. He gulped and quickly disappeared up the stairs. She seemed to relax a little with him out of the room and leaned over to give me a kiss on the lips. She had lovely plump, soft lips and I imagined how amazing they would feel on my cock. I dearly hoped she liked blow jobs.

Her husband arrived back in the room carrying an unmarked carrier bag. He passed it to his wife and then stood, unsure and said, “Shall I go?” She responded with an embarrassed smile and told him to wait in the kitchen and that she would fetch him when we were ‘done’. He nodded and disappeared through the door, shutting it carefully behind him.

Mrs. Brown turned to me whilst holding the bag. “. hope you don’t mind. I got a bit carried away and ordered a few bit from the Internet. Feel free to say no.” She emptied the contents of the bag onto the floor. There was some fruit flavoured lube (I celebrated in my mind at the confirmation of fellatio!), some XL condoms and a cock ring. She also had a digital camera and asked if she could take photos. I smiled and said it was all okay.

She leaned over again and began to kiss me, this time more passionately. Her hand fell into my lap and began to mead my limp cock. As her small fingers grasped it I heard her say “Wow” and she massaged it with greater vigour. I told her to take my trousers off because it was time for her to finally see a proper cock. She pulled her lips away from mine and smiled. She practically tore my jeans and pants off and then I saw the look on her face that I have grown used to. My cock was only semi- erect but was already over 8 inches long. “I really didn’t…” She began, losing her train of thought halfway through. “You see them on the Internet but I never thought they were really this big, in real life.” Her shock was turning me on, as was the praise she was lavishing on my dick. It throbbed and grew to full size. “It gets bigger!” She almost squealed this, her face flush with excitement. I told her that the cock ring might make it get a bit bigger still and she snapped into action. Ripping the packet, she dragged the rubber ring down my shaft, pulling the foreskin down tight and exposing the swollen head. She pushed it all the way down to my balls and I felt my whole cock heave and strain as the blood was trapped in it. It felt as big as it had ever been and stuck out from me like an angry, purple cucumber. Mrs. Brown leaned back slightly to observe her handy work. “Oh my God, you are HUGE!”

"Now the lube." I said this, sensing she was happy to follow orders now. She smeared some around the head and then down the shaft. The ring was really making it pulse, the thick veins sticking out and throbbing. She had to reapply lube to the bottom and whispered "It needs so much. I just can’t believe it." She grabbed the camera then and took a couple of photos of my dick. She seemed to want to study the images she had created on the camera and I had to remind her "You can look at those later, the real thing’s here now." She sat back next to me, her hand toying with my helmet, tickling the large V on the underside. She chuckled. "What’s the matter?" I asked.

"Nothing. It’s just that I never understood the expression of a baby’s arm holding an apple before, but now it makes sense. Here’s the arm," and, with that, she slid her hand up my shaft from the base, "and here’s the big, fat apple!" Her hand slid around the circumference of the helmet. The cock ring was either really good or a little small as my cock was really swollen now, nearly overly so, and it looked bigger and angrier than ever.

"Would you mind…?" She began but didn’t finish.

"What? Please ask, I will say no but won’t take offence if it’s something I don’t do" This seemed to reassure her as she gave me a wicked smile.

"Can I show my husband? I told him I would take photos but now I know it’s not the same. I have seen big dicks on the Internet before but you have to see one like this" again, she slowly wanked the big shaft and licked her lips, "before you appreciate just how big it is."

I told her that was fine, but that she should be sure about it. I almost hated myself for saying ti as there is nothing I love more than cuckolding small dick-ed men, but I knew that it is one thing to be told about or be shown pictures of a wife cheating, it was another altogether to be made to witness the bigger cock in the flesh.

"It’s okay," She smiled, "Yours is the kind of cock I always wished he had, I want him to see it." Her meaness made her even sexier. "Before I fetch him, can we make it really hard and big like it was before?" I told her to suck it for a couple of minutes first.

They were some of my favourite moments in my life. Her tongue lapped away at the bell end and her soft lips massaged the shaft. Finally, she pulled her head away and declared, “There…massive! Just wait while I fetch him!”

She hurried from the room and I took a moment to play with my own cock, ensuring her husband did indeed encounter it at its largest. I felt its hot thickness and saida  silent thank you that it was me with the huge cock rather than a tiny dick.

The door opened again and the thirty-year married couple entered.


"I know we have tried before baby but I want another go. When we get home I’m gonna try and get that big dick of yours up in my ass. Just wait till we get home!"


"I know we have tried before baby but I want another go. When we get home I’m gonna try and get that big dick of yours up in my ass. Just wait till we get home!"